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Hello there mum & dad, this is a... boyfriend.

And this is a husband, if you'd like me to have one.

Kids? No problem. Will a boy and a girl do?
And if they ask him what my name is... Babe, obviously.


1:35. The great return of the nuzia!, old-school style.
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18 September 2011 @ 04:25 pm
The Summer's slowly slipping away and what can I say, it was most definitely a Take That Summer for me. Still, it doesn't mean I completely lost touch with kpop. So here I thought I'd present to you my Korean songs of this Summer.


2PM - Hands Up
What's it about? Living the high life - drinking, partying and, most certainly, putting your hands up.
Similar songs? Inevitably GD&T.O.P's High High.
Story of the MV: guys abandon their private planes, yachts and places by the pool and go partying in style. Watch out for Taec's yellow lambo. Interestingly enough, everyone's drinking from a plastic cup. There's liquor being poured, babes, artificial horses and at one point Taec (who's dressed exactly like That That during Love Love and Never Forget on their latest tour!) stands on top of Chansung.
Fav lyric: [Taec] You know what I'm sayin' At this point I'm always half expecting U-Know to pop up from somewhere.
Useful tip: just remember the words "put your hands up" and you know half of song already.

You know what I'm sayin'Collapse )
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11 September 2011 @ 11:39 pm
Can I just say, thank you The X Factor for endless Take That references. It's like every week there's more. This Saturday's Manchester auditions? It was a given.

Manchester. Na na na na. Manchester. Na na na na.Collapse )
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